LYNX Arobee Regular Tagging Needles (Box 5)

Brands: Lynx Lynx
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LYNX Regular Tagging Needles (Box 5)
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The Standard tagging gun needles are designed for use with the Arobee Extraa Tagging Gun. The Arobee replacement tagging needle will keep your tagging gun in good working order for longer.

Tagging guns, also widely known as “Kimble guns”, are used to attach tags to merchandise. They are compatible with a range of different attachment types, and tags, ensuring you can fasten whatever you need to your stock. Tagging gun needles are available to replace your existing tagging needles when they become worn out, blunted or broken.

Replacement tagging needle supplies are a more economical alternative than purchasing entirely new tagging guns, and a replacement tagging needle is easy to fit in your Arobee Extraa Tagging Gun.


  • Size: Regular
  • Description: Tagging Needles
  • Brand: Arobee
  • Quantity: box of 5
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Model LYNX Arobee Regular Tagging Needles (Box 5)
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